Secular Franciscan Order

St. Anthony Fraternity

Our Lady of Guadalupe Region

 "The World is our Cloister"
St. Anthony Fraternity
P.O.Box 6881
Albuquerque, NM 87197
                                 "Go, rebuild My church."

Our Mission Statement 

We, the fraternity of St. Anthony, inspired by the vision of St. Francis, commit ourselves to the Gospel as our Way of Life; GOING FROM GOSPEL TO LIFE AND LIFE TO THE GOSPEL. 
We believe that we are called to fraternity to share a life of joy and peace as well as to draw our inspiration from the Cross of Jesus- as Francis did. We believe we are called to be renewed continually through the celebration of the Eucharist and to go forth to rebuild the Church through our witness.

 The Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order 

 National Statutes for the United States of America 

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Your Servants:

MINISTER:                        Christina Imislund, SFO 
VICE MINISTER:               Louise Baca, SFO 
SECRETARY:                     Connie Jo Martinez, SFO 
TREASURER:                     Victor Xuereb, SFO 
FORMATION:                    Rena Xuereb, SFO 
INFIRMARIAN:                  Louise Baca, SFO 
LIBRARIAN:                       Barbara Heilman, SFO 
                                             Joseph Garcia, SFO 
                                             Joanne Elfers, SFO 
                                             Michael Lente, SFO 

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