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Brother Francis, Sister Teresa  
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Brother Francis, Sister Teresa

   In what way was Mother Teresa, the poor nun of Calcutta like  Saint Francis, the poor friar of Assisi? Dionigi Tettamanzi, the  Archbishop of Genoa and the vice-secretary of the Italian
Bishops’ Conference has drawn an interesting parallel between the two revered individuals. Both Francis and Teresa had a minute and gragile body, coupled with an extraordinary strength
of character. They both shared the desire to live among the poorest of the poor. Francis expressed this through his embracing of a leper, the most reviled group of humans on earth in his time, and Teresa did the same when, on the streets of Calcutta she saw a dying woman, half-eaten by maggots and rats, and took her in her arms.
  In common, they also shared the radical choice to base their lives on the Gospel, which  itself holds the love of God and charity towards others as its highest principles. For both of  them, true solidarity meant the privilege of being able to serve their brothers and sisters.
  Both Francis and Teresa were subjected to severe criticism for the austere and radical way
in which they lived their poverty. Their choices, however, demonstrated a return to the  essence of the Gospel.

Fr. Paul Juniet, OFM- Spiritual Assistant

Feasts of Child Likeness

   Jesus tells us in the Scriptures that “unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” In the first weeks of October we see this conversion exemplified in the feasts of the little people, Francis, Theresa and the Guardian Angels.
  Francis and Theresa both left the world seeking a simple childlike relationship with Jesus and the Father.
  As children we always felt safe when we had someone with us and caring for us. The Lord will not be outdone so he has given us Guardian Angels. Their simple caring and directions have helped us live each day in the Lord. They are our friends calling us to the Lord. God has given us personal friends life.
  I see in these three Feasts a call to come to God with the attitude of a little child. First of all be excited and awed at the presence of God all around us as Francis was. Then know that we are not alone in our journey. We have our guardian angels as partners and friends on our journey. And finally live all of your life in the intimacy of Love of God as Theresa did. With this awareness in
our lives we can be free and happy as a child. We will have peace and be able to share it. And Jesus accepting us will say, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called CHILDREN of God.”

 “Paz y Bien” From the Infirmarian:

  • Paso por Aqui

    MARY BATES, wife of Fred, passed away August 19, 1998. A memorial mass was held at Queen of Angels chapel with Father Paul Juniet officiating. Let us keep Fred and his family in our prayers during this time of their loss.

     VERDA T. AKEY, mother of Mary Lynn Akey, passed away August 25 in Phoenix, AZ.
    Please pray for the family.
    “All praise and glory is yours, Lord our God, for you have called us to serve
    you in love.
    Bless our Franciscans so that they may bear their illness in union with your
    Son’s obedient suffering.
    Restore them to health and lead them to glory. We ask this through Christ
    our Lord.”
    (J.M.Champlin & S.C. Taylor)


    FROM: CIOFS BULLETIN, 1998, VOL 4    N.29  Jul III
    A Call To The Leaders of the World  (for the end of nuclear weapon development and the total elimination of all existing nuclear weapons).
        Inspired by St. Francis of Assisi (1181-1226 A.D.) who wrote to his early followers that they were not to bear arms for any reason, Franciscan men and women throughout the world have continued to advocate peace and to challenge those caught up in the threatening arms race. The recent nuclear weapons tests in India and Pakistan make us aware once more how perilous are the threats to peace. A territorial war between these two countries could lead to desperate use of atomic weapons across the border. We are aware that other nations are attempting to develop or purchase nuclear arms. The decrease in the control of the tens of thousands of existing nuclear weapons makes the possibility of nuclear outbreak even more frightening........
      We genuinely believe that there is an overwhelming desire among the people of the earth to remove the spectre of nuclear devastation from the face of the planet. The world’s number one
    agenda should be how to safely rid the world of the instruments of evil and destruction. We urge all nations, especially the major nuclear powers, to respond positively to the challenge for the abolition of all nuclear weapons.

    Instruments of Peace

      Inspired by St. Francis of Assisi, we work for peace, the rights of every human being, especially the most marginalised, as well as the respect for all creation. In our International gatherings we have
    reiterated our abhorrence of war and have especially condemned the building, stockpiling, research and the use of nuclear weapons.
      As we enter the Third Millennium, we address this letter to you in the same spirit as St. Francis had when he addressed his “Letter to the Rulers of the People.” He wrote out of concern, both for
    the Rulers and for the people. So, too, we write to you with sincere concern for all the nations of the world. We Franciscans urge you to abolish all nuclear weapons and to commit our resources to the material and spiritual needs of the world community. Unless we do this, the horrendous dangers that threaten the human race are unthinkable.
    Peace and Good!

    Emanuela De Nunzio 
    General Minister SFO
    Fr. John Corriveau 
    Minister General OFM Cap.
    Sr. Carola Thomann 
    President FIC-TOR
    Fr. Agostino Gardin 
    Minister General OFM Conv.
    Fr. Giacomo Bini 
    Minister General OFM
    Fr. Bonaventure Midili 
    Minister General TOR


      “O Lord Jesus Christ, I entreat you to give me two graces before I die:
    first, that in my life time I may feel in body and soul as far as possible
    the pain you endured, dear Lord, in the hour of your most bitter
    suffering; and second, that I may feel in my heart as far as possible that
    excess of love by which you, O Son of God, were inflamed to undertake
    so cruel a suffering for us sinners.”

    Calendar of Saints/Feast Days: September

    1.  Bl. Beatrice of Silva, virgin II Order
    2.  Bls. John Francis Burte,Severin Girault and  comp.,martyrs, I and III Orders
    4.  Rose of Viterbo,virgin,III Order
    18.Joseph of Cupertino, priest, I Order
    20.Francis Mary of Camporosso, regligious, I  Order
    23.Finding the Body of St. Clare (For II and III Order nuns)
    26.Elzear of Sabran and Bl. Delphina, husband and wife, III Order (For the III Order).

    September 5
     Anniversary Death of Mother Teresa who, like Francis, found the same truth in her life. She has influenced so many people around the world by her simple and straightforward living of the Gospel by identifying with the poor everywhere, especially in Calcutta. She has inspired countless individuals to follow Christ in simplicity and in faith.

      From the beginning of his conversion our Seraphic Father St. Francis had a very great devotion and veneration for Christ crucified and never ceased to preach this devotion till his death. In
    the year 1224 as he was rapt in deep contemplation on Mt. Alverna Christ the Lord by a stupendous miracle imprinted the marks of his passion on the saint’s body. Pope Benedict XI
    permitted the Franciscan Order to celebrate annually on this day the memory of this extraordinary event attested by reliable witnesses.

    Elzear of Sabran and Bl. Delphina, III Order

       Elzear was born in France. He became Count of Ariano and married Delphina of Glandeves. According to tradition they lived together in virginity, and brought renown to the Third Order of St.
    Francis by their remarkable virtue. They generously distributed their great wealth to the poor and devoted their lives to good works. Elzear died in Paris, Sept. 27, 1323. Delphina lived as a widow for some thirty-five years till her death in 1358.

    The Little Flower 
    October 1 
    “For me, prayer is an aspiration of the heart, it is a simple glance directed to heaven, it is a cry of gratitude and love in the midst of trial as well as joy.”
    -st. therese 

    Classes and Meetings

    Sept. 12 at 12:30 pm and Sept. 27 at 1:30 pm at Queen of Angels. Instructor: Joanne Elfers
    September 27 at 1:00 pm at Queen of Angels. Instructor: Rena Xuereb.
    Sept. 27 at 1:30-2:30 pm at Queen of Angels. Topic: Series on the Holy Spirit. We will listen to tapes on the Holy Spirit from the conference held in Glorieta, NM “The Spirit of God is upon me.” ALL PROFESSED ARE WELCOME. Instructor: Louise Baca

    September 27 at 2:30 pm at Queen of Angels.  The 26th Sunday in Ordinary time.. Topic: To be announced. At Queen of Angels.
    Oct. 3 at 1:30 pm at Queen of Angels. PROFESSED MEMBERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND.

    Regional Council Meeting at Roger Bacon College in El Paso, Texas, on Sept. 12 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Council members are to attend. The SFO Regional picnic on Sept. 13th (following day) will also be held at Roger Bacon. All members are encouraged to attend.